Let’s make music, let’s make noise!

These are the first six compositions by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, composed when he was only five years old. While they lack the complexity of his later works, they remain superior to what many adults are composing and recording today (cf. “Stupid Hoe”). 1761 comes with the 14-page folio Seven works for keyboard and other early minuets, featuring twelve of Mozart's easier keyboard pieces.

The first full-length album by BlackFire Poet-Tree is poetic medicine for today's troubles. Jamaica's artistic emissary uses reggae, dub, and hip-hop elements to expand your consciousness with songs such as the album's bookends, “Ancient Sea” and “The Hills”. The Way of Rasta (A Healing Song) also features the hits “Black Beauty” and “Step in Fire”. And count on “High A-Grade” (with reggae superstar Anthony B) to lift your spirits.

This 30-minute EP was banned from iTunes for “violent content”, and we have no idea why. It features family-friendly fare such as “Kill Your Baby Mama”, “Bar Room Brawl”, and “Rock Stars”. Play it safe and don't listen to, download, or purchase the ß (Speed Kills) EP unless you are 18 or older… a lot older.